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From the idea to the series


New products according to your wishes

Our development department offers technical solutions and CAD constructions.

Likewise, our test bench provides the opportunity to run trials and test systems and components. This allows us to develop individual solution proposals, adapted to the requirements of our customers.

Prototype Construction

Depending on our customers’ specific needs, we build:

  • prototypes to check various characteristics
  • prototypes as accurate models for initial assembly or use trials
  • prototypes that already feature essential functional characteristics
  • prototypes that we or our customers can use as models for serial production

Manufactured, assembled, delivered – from complicated single parts to highly complex system units we cover a wide spectrum of tasks.

Construction and CAD

Apart from production services we offer:

  • conceptions based on the requirement profile
  • design and specification of solutions
  • detail planning, tailored to the requirements and wishes of our customers